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Back to Wall Toilets That Enhance your Bathroom’s Aesthetics

Easy-To-Clean Back to Wall Toilet and Cistern

A back to wall toilet or wall hung toilet is an attractive piece to add in your modern-day baths. Not only does it provide you with a new style statement but also with a better and bolder one. Along with that, these toilets provide your bathroom with more space to do other things as well. As for efficient water usage, a back to wall toilet consists of a dual-flush feature that can reduce the amount of water wastage. This feature provides you with the feature to only use more water if necessary. >>Read more


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Back to wall toilets are sometimes referred to as floor standing toilets as these come with hidden cisterns. Due to this, they are also referred to as hidden cistern toilets or simply WCs with hidden cisterns. In simple words, these are standard toilet seats that sit on the floor with a cistern that’s completely out of sight and concealed inside the wall or a furniture unit. With this design, wall-hung WCs also serve as great space-savers. Since there is no extra bulk of a cistern on its back, the amount of space it seems to take in a bathroom seems quite less than normal cisterns as well. As an additional functionality, these can also be placed closer to bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, or similar places where normal toilets cannot fit.

As stated, these toilets can be installed directly onto a supportive wall, which means that all their plumbing and waste pipes can be placed straight through the wall. This keeps them completely concealed and provides a better overall modern look. Therefore, choosing a back to wall toilet is a better choice for anyone who is looking to get an eye-pleasing toilet for their bathroom.

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Back to wall toilets or close coupled back to wall toilets are not the same deal as standard toilets. The plumbing needs for these toilets are different. Since these are fitted inside walls and cabinets. Due to this, you may have to make some changes to your installed pipes. This makes it more difficult than minor repair works, as plumbing might be hard to reach. However, this can be advantageous as well if you are thinking about moving your toilet to a preferred height. As doing so by getting new pipes will become a comparatively easy task. Any standard toilet with this feasibility will allow this ease to be a part of the case. The invisible cistern of a back to wall toilet also prevents unnecessary damage that is caused by the users from time-to-time. Another great perk of a back to wall toilet’s less exposed body is reduction in the toilet’s maintenance costs.

Our range of back to wall toilets comes from top manufacturers like DURAVIT, GROHE, Ideal Standard, and Villeroy & Boch - which are all leading industrial names in ceramic manufacturing.


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