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GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - Sistema doccia Rainshower SmartActive 310 con miscelatore termostatico cromo

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Variante / Modello
Rainshower SmartActive 310 con miscelatore termostatico
Design di


Larghezza (mm)
Profondità (mm)
Proiezione (mm)


Attrezzatura / Comprende
Tipo di collegamento
alta pressione
Dimensione del collegamento
1/2″ - DN 15
montaggio a parete (nascosto)


Dimensione della doccia
◻ 310 x 310 mm
Soffione a proiezione
430 mm
Braccio doccia
Soffione con snodo sferico
senza giuntura sferica
Numero di tipi di getto di soffione
2 tipi di getto
Soffioni a pioggia
  • Getto ActiveRain di GROHE
    Getto doccia innovativo per distendere i muscoli tesi o sciacquare lo shampoo dai capelli.
  • Getto Pure di GROHE
    Il nome dice tutto: un delicato flusso d'acqua purissima dal centro del soffione - come una chiara e fresca sorgente di montagna.
Portata massima del soffione a una pressione dell'acqua di 3 bar
25.0 l/min
Tecnologie soffione
  • GROHE DreamSpray
    Ugelli perfettamente abbinati per un getto perfetto.
  • GROHE Inner WaterGuide
    Approvvigionamento idrico schermato per una maggiore durata.
  • GROHE SpeedClean
    Rimuovere il calcare con una semplice pulizia.
  • GROHE StarLight
    Estetica superficiale di lunga durata, facile da pulire!


Dimensione della doccetta
216 mm
Lunghezza tubo doccia
1500 mm
Numero di tipi di getto di soffione
1 tipo di getto
Tipi di getto soffione a mano
  • Normal-Strahl di GROHE
    Il meraviglioso all-rounder dall'effetto rinfrescante e rilassante. Un multitalento dal fascino universale.
Cambio del tipo di getto
senza deviatore
Portata massima della doccetta a una pressione dell'acqua di 3 bar
14.0 l/min
Tecnologie soffione a mano
  • GROHE DreamSpray
    Ugelli perfettamente abbinati per un getto perfetto.
  • GROHE EcoJoy
    Risparmia risorse preziose, goditi il ​​comfort dell'acqua al 100%.
  • GROHE Inner WaterGuide
    Approvvigionamento idrico schermato per una maggiore durata.
  • GROHE SpeedClean
    Rimuovere il calcare con una semplice pulizia.
  • GROHE StarLight
    Estetica superficiale di lunga durata, facile da pulire!
  • GROHE Twistfree
    Previene la torsione del tubo doccia.


con interruttore di rotazione / spinta SmartControl
con sistema di miscelazione di ceramica
Limitatore di temperatura
con limitatore di temperatura regolabile, blocco di sicurezza a 38 ° C
Limitatore di flusso
con limitazione del flusso regolabile
Sistema di non-ritorno
con valvola di non-ritorno
senza silenziatore
Tecnologie del termostato
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus
    Blocco di sicurezza a 38 ° C e aggiunta opzional di arresto limite di temperatura a 43 ° C.
  • GROHE SafeStop
    Barriera di sicurezza per proteggere dalle scottature.
  • GROHE SmartControl
    L'innovativo controllo della doccia: accensione / spegnimento premendo un pulsante e controllo del volume ruotando.
  • GROHE StarLight
    Estetica della superficie durevole e facile da pulire!
  • GROHE TurboStat
    Sempre la giusta temperatura e la reazione immediata alle fluttuazioni della pressione dell'acqua.
  • GROHE ProGrip
    Impostazione della temperatura e del volume dell'acqua ruotando le manopole SmartControl.


metallo / plastica


  • Doccetta manuale
  • Termostato per doccia
  • Soffione doccia
  • Flessibile doccia
  • Raccordo a gomito
  • Corpo incasso
  • Materiale di fissaggio



Product Video
Installation Video

The special shower experience 

Make your shower your new heaven. With the Grotherm SmartControl shower system Rainshower 310 Smart Active Cube from the German brand manufacturer Grohe, you experience a particularly high level of comfort thanks to the GROHE SmartControl fitting. The innovative technologies from GROHE also guarantee safety and sustainability. We will show you in this article what to expect from this set.


What's in the set?
About the design
About the thermostat
About the shower sprays
The Installation

What's IN THE SET?  

GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - Set

This shower system comes as a complete pack. So it contains everything you need to install and use it. This saves you having to search for individual parts in the shop without forgetting anything important. That is where comfort begins. You will find in the following elements:

Hand shower

Head shower

Shower hose

Shower thermostat

Concealed unit

Anything else you need is manual dexterity or a professional craftsman to install your new shower system.


GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - fitting

When using an ordinary shower system, you normally use handles or the mixing lever to turn on and off the water supply and set the temperature. Much water will end up wasted in the drain until the desired temperature is reached. Now, thanks to Grohe, this can be avoided.

The Grohe shower system and SmartControl technology allow you to start and stop the water simply at the push of a button! And the spray types of the head shower can also be changed in no time at all without having to struggle with the shower head as is the case with ordinary showers. What's particularly pleasant about this shower is the fact that both the head and hand shower can be used at the same time. You can adjust the flow simply by rotating the control buttons.

In addition, the ideal water temperature does not have to be set manually with a single-lever mixer or with two handles. With the thermostatic tap, you can adjust the desired water temperature to the exact desired degree - that's it. Once you have found your optimal shower settings, the ingenious system will keep track of your settings for the next showering session.

Thanks to clear symbols on the buttons, which can be exchanged depending on the connected consumer, you will always find the desired shower and spray type at the first go.


The shower system is a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. The square shower heads and the shower facades stand out optically from the design common showers. The cubic shape gives the elements a modern and clear structure creating a sense of the future.

The hand shower lies well in the hand despite (or because of) the angular design.

Thanks to Grohe Starlight technology, the chromed faucets and showers are given a particularly long shine. Thanks to this technology, they are also very easy to clean.


As mentioned above, one of the advantages of a thermostatic fitting is that the water temperature can be set precisely. But Grohe wouldn't be Grohe if there weren't some clever technologies in the thermostat. When it comes to safety, Grohe has developed ingenious solutions to prevent the accidental activation of an excessively hot water temperature and thus eliminate the risk of burns.


Setting a water temperature that is too hot is prevented by a simple and ingenious solution: The SafeStop technology. It guarantees a safety lock at 38 °C. You can adjust a higher temperature if you wish. You just have to press a button to overcome the lock. The fitting also includes SafeStop Plus. This technology provides an additional end stop at 43 °C that can be used as an option.

To ensure a constant temperature during the shower, the thermostatic fitting reacts immediately to fluctuations in water pressure thanks to TurboStat technology. As a result, you do not experience any of sudden changes and there will be no unpleasant cold or hot surprises.


The showers sprays are the heart of a shower. The different types of sprays often generate different sensations on the body. Some give a massage while others gently roll over the skin. It also makes a difference whether you let a head shower rinse you from the top or use the hand shower to bring the water directly down to your body. The Grohe Grohetherm SmartControl shower system offers you both options. Thanks to the combination of head shower and hand shower, you can decide at any time how you want to shower. Simply switch with the push of a button to use the head and hand showers at the same time. In this way you can create your optimum showering experience.


GROHE naturally provides maximum comfort in showers as well. The DreamSpray technology ensures a perfect spray pattern. It spreads the water inside the showers evenly to each single spray nozzle. And thanks to Speed Clean-Technology, dirt and limescale on the surface can be easily removed. Simply wipe the surface with a sponge the finger - and the dirt is gone.

The overhead shower

GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - head shower

With the Rainshower Cosmopolitan series head shower, you can select from two types of sprays. You can also activate both jets at the same time and regulate the water flow individually.

The Pure-Spray is a gentle spray that comes from the centre of the shower head and evokes a refreshing water source. It is ideal for relaxing under the shower.

The central ActiveRain spray stimulates the skin with a pleasant sensation of tingling and relaxes tense muscles. This jet makes it easy to rinse the shampoo out of your hair.

The shower head is also equipped with Inner WaterGuide technology to ensures a safe water supply, prevents the shower from getting too hot and protects the chrome surface. 

The handshower

GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - hand shower

The hand shower of the series Euphoria Cube a real rounder spray. The GROHE normal spray has a large surface with a refreshing and invigorating effect. This makes it suitable for all showering needs.

With the EcoJoy technology, you save water without having to renounce to the full shower experience. The Twist-free shower hose prevents the hose from twisting and kinking and makes it particularly convenient to use.


The GROHE Rapido SmartBox is fitted with the shower system to make installation particularly easy. It is compatible with all GROHE fittings and several outlets can be connected simultaneously. It is therefore very easy to replace faucet elements at a later date. The connection of the fittings is very simple with a clear inscription on the outside of the box. Find out more about the SmartBox here.This makes it very easy to replace faucet elements at a later date. The connection of the fittings is also made easy by a clear label on the lid of the box, where nothing can go wrong. Learn more about the SmartBox here.

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