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Connect Your Hand Shower with Stunning Wall Elbows by GROHE

Sleek and Functional Alternative to Exposed Pipes

Wall elbow, commonly known as drop elbow, is a shower element that adjoins your hand shower hose to the water supply in the wall. The wall elbow will give the wall a stylish look while it connects your handheld shower to your shower control without leaving an exposed pipe sticking out of a hole in the wall. GROHE brings you wall elbows with sweeping lines and attractive shades - these GROHE wall elbows are designed to coordinate with many decor styles and feature an excellent build for long-lasting use. >>Read more


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Drop elbows or wall elbows by GROHE is a perfect amalgamation of style and technology. These are ideal for the handheld shower and connect it to the supply pipe while maintaining a clean look. Moreover, designed with substantial material to resist rust, corrosion or tarnish.

The GROHE drop elbow doesn't restrict the water flow to the hose, a multilayer polishing process with premium chrome, supersteel, and nickel for a smooth and glossy surface that doesn't fade easily and, of course, no peeling.

Quick and Hassle-free Installation

Save on your plumbing expenses with easy installation of GROHE wall elbows

Installing a drop elbow or wall elbow is easy and hassle-free. You don't have to stress about spending much, but using a wrench and some clear silicone sealant can do the same. Using a clean strap wrench, tighten the drop elbow to the wall with the outlet oriented down. Then apply a bead of clear silicone sealant around the perimeter of the supply elbow. Next, turn on the water and allow water to flow through the supply elbow - it's that easy!

Distinctive Series of Wall Elbows to Choose From

A perfect blend of looks and advanced technology, all clubbed in one

The GROHE wall elbows are available in several attractive series that are engineered to give you the best performance. Combine GROHE wall elbow with GROHE SmartControl showers, while you can choose designer wall elbows from these series:

  • Allure Brilliant

The Allure Brilliant illustrates absolute precision and a sheer desire for innovation with crisp planes, intriguing angles, and cut-out details.

  • Euphoria Cube

Perfect squares, precise edges, the GROHE Euphoria Cube wall elbows are ideal for your contemporary bathroom scheme. Great features with a backflow preventer, these wall elbows come with chrome coating making it easy to clean.

  • Grandera

The GROHE Grandera is classy and a homage to an age grandeur sense of modernity and fabulous designs. Stunning looks and StarLight® technology will retain the shine and are highly resistant to dirt and scratches.

  • Grohtherm F

The Grohtherm F by GROHE offers a unique looking and high in technology wall elbow for a sensational shower setting. It comes in a glossy surface and chrome finish with StarLight® technology that keeps it clean and scratch-free.

  • Rainshower

The Rainshower wall elbows by GROHE comes with a minimalistic look but unsurpassed commitment of quality and durability. Complete your dream of a personalised shower space with Rainshower wall elbows.

  • Relexa

Designed for performance, the GROHE Relexa wall elbow features an appealing design with durable and quality material. These unique drop elbows are furnished with StarLight® chrome finish that ensures a scratch resistant and clean surface.

All the GROHE wall elbows are available in attractive colours, and you choose from any of these fabulous shades: chrome, brushed cool sunrise, brushed hard graphite, brushed nickel, brushed warm sunset, cool sunrise, hard graphite, nickel, supersteel, warm sunset, moon white, and gold.

Upgrade your home with fantastic bathroom accessories from GROHE. To find out more, click here.

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