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Rapido SmartBox

GROHE Rapido SmartBox

More than 200 possible combinations with GROHE Rapido SmartBox

As concealed mixing valves for showers and bathtubs are becoming increasingly successful, concealed units are in great demand. With its minimum installation depth of only 75mm, GROHE’s Rapido Smartbox can be easily installed for all showers/bathtubs. The Rapido Smartbox concealed body allows you to control up to three water outlets and is compatible with all GROHE concealed models.

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The Advantages of the Rapido SmartBox

The Rapido Smartbox concealed unit has many advantages. The main advantage of the Rapido SmartBox concealed body is that it is hidden behind the wall, letting only the ultra-slim control panel to keep maximum space under the shower for your freedom of movement. There are several installation possibilities and it is compatible with all types of mixing valves: thermostatic mixers, single lever mixers and SmartControl. The installation is very simple, thanks to the clear and detailed instructions on the rear housing of the Rapido Smartbox. Refitting your shower from a type of mixing valve to another is done quickly and easily. All compatible mixers are offered in a large variety of designs to suit your taste. Therefore, the Rapido Smartbox offers unlimited combination possibilities!

The installation of the Rapido SmartBox

The Rapido Smartbox has been designed for a quick and easy installation. The connections to the hot and cold water supplies and the function deserved by each outlet are described in detail. The minimum (75 mm) and maximum installation depth of the concealed body is also specified. The box is equipped with 1/2" bottom inlets which fit all standard pipes for direct connection to the water supply.

After installation of the concealed body, the wall plates can be adjusted by six degrees to compensate for any unevenness of tiles and joints. In addition, no drilling is required for the installation of a thermostat or a single-lever mixer.

The Rapido Smartbox provides an easy access to all connections for a simple assembly using an adjustable spanner or a pipe wrench. There is even a small space to place your bubble level for a precise alignment.GROHE has thought of everything!

Possible Combinations

More than 200 combinations are possible depending on your preferences with the Rapido Smartbox and the three types of built-in mixers: thermostatic, single control or SmartControl.

Control Using a Thermostatic Mixers

The Rapido Smartbox can be combined with a single or a dual-function thermostatic mixer. For example, you could connect a head shower and a bathtub outlets or a head shower and a hand shower outlets. The thermostatic mixers convince with their slim and space-saving designs. Indeed the rotary knobs protrude only from 43 mm of the wall. The control panel is easy to use: the upper control knob allows you to choose the water outlet and to set the spray power whereas the bottom one adjusts the temperature.

Thermostatic mixing valves compatible with the Rapido Smartbox offer many features: the wall plates can be adjusted after installation by up to six degrees and the SafeStop Plus function allows the temperature to be limited to 46°. In order to protect drinking water from contamination,  a backflow protection device may be retrofitted for any installation incorporating a filling and emptying unit to comply with EN 1717. The control panel is  made of metal and measure only 158 mm to fit the slim design. The thermostatic mixing valves equipped with GROHE TurboStat technology ensure a constant temperature. The QuickFix system permits a quick and easy assembly. The StarLight surface guarantees a long-lasting shine and an easy cleaning. 

According to your preferences, you can choose a round-shaped, a squared-shaped or a cubic design

GROHE Thermostat Grohtherm rund GROHE Thermostat Grohtherm eckig

Control using a single lever mixer

The compatible single-lever mixers are available for up to three water outlets. Examples of combinations would be an head shower with two different spray types and a hand shower or an head shower, a hand shower and a bathtub outlet. The outlet selection is done by means of a turning handle. The water temperature is adjusted by turning the lever and the water power is controlled by opening and closing the lever.

The single-lever mixers are offered in various designs (158 mm width x 10 mm height).  Depending on the desired design series, the control handle can be thin and small or wide and flat.

The wall plates can be adjusted after installation by six degrees. A backflow protection device may be retrofitted for any installation incorporating a filling and emptying unit in order to comply with EN 1717, which aims to protect drinking water from contamination.

Concealed mixers are easy to install, thanks to QuickFix technology. The single-lever mixers feature other technologies such as the SilkMove technology for a smooth operation of the lever, and StarLight surfaces for a long-lasting shine.

GROHE Einhebelmischer Essence GROHE Einhebelmischer Eurocube


The SmartControl system offers you a unique shower experience at the touch of a button. With one, two or three-way switch, each function is controlled by pressing the corresponding button. Clear symbols representing the different options and sprays are displayed on each control button and allow simple and intuitive operation. They can be easily exchanged and configured individually. Turning the knobs allows you to precisely regulate the water flow rate. The desired temperature can be set by rotating the lower control knob. These ergonomic buttons have a notched handle for easy handling, even with wet hands.

The GROHE SmartControl mixer is both elegant and compact with a slim design of only 10mm and a total front thickness of 43mm. It is available in two colours, chrome and moon white, and in two shapes, round or square.

The wall plates can be adjusted after installation by six degrees. A backflow protection device may be retrofitted for any installation incorporating a filling and emptying unit in order to comply with EN 1717, which aims to protect drinking water from contamination.

GROHE Smart Control GROHE SmartControl auf Rapido SmartBox

You don't have time to choose among the many possible combinations? We have the perfect solution with our sets. GROHE offers packages including the Rapido Smartbox, the mixer (single-lever, thermostatic or SmartControl), the head shower and the hand shower with its matching holders. All you have to do is choose the desired design.

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