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Discover GROHE Touchless Taps at xTWOstore

Don't Give Viruses and Bacteria a Chance!

Open doors to a hygienic lifestyle with GROHE touchless taps

Infrared faucets are frequently found in public toilets. Here, this technology helps to prevent water and energy wastage, making their use more economical and environment friendly. On the other hand, activation by means of an infrared sensor ensures perfect hygiene, as the faucet no longer needs to be touched. Simply put your hand under the spout and the water starts to flow. With GROHE, you can enjoy this extra comfort and hygiene at home.>>Read more

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Benefits at a Glance:

Activate water jet by hand movement

Hygienic: no need to touch the tap

Saving water and energy

Thermal disinfection of the fittings to kill germs and bacteria

Automatic rinsing function prevents water stagnation

Adopt a Completely New Way of Washing Hands

Infrared sensor taps for a more hygienic and complete germ-free solution

If you touch a fitting with dirty hands, bacteria, germs and viruses are likely to remain on it. If someone else uses the faucet, he/she may end up with these germs on their skin and leave others behind. Electronic fittings controlled by an infrared sensor are an excellent solution to prevent the transmission of germs. They are crucial for big families. Using touchless water taps does not give pathogens a chance.

When the user's hands approach, the infrared sensor switches on and triggers tap water. As soon as the movement ceases in front of the sensor, the water stops automatically after a short period of time. The temperature of the water can be easily preset. In this way, it comes out of the faucet at the desired temperature.

Thanks to the touchless faucet sensor operation, electronic fittings offer optimal hygiene because they prevent the transmission of germs. In addition, less contact with the tap also means that it needs to be cleaned less often.

Advantages of GROHE Taps

Bring home the technology you can trust

Right from the product design phase, GROHE has focused on hygiene. Dead spaces within the fitting were therefore kept to a minimum. This reduces the risk that bacteria multiply inside. Besides, the flow rate has been optimised so that cold and hot water mix perfectly. GROHE Bau Cosmopolitan E series offers such touchless water taps.

Infrared GROHE basin taps are equipped with additional functions that further improve hygiene. Regular, automatic rinsing ensures that the water does not stagnate. You can also set a cleaning mode in which the sensor is temporarily disabled for thermal disinfection.

Easy to Install and Adjust

GROHE touchless taps are easy to install, save more on the plumbing needs

No prior knowledge is required to install GROHE touchless water taps. Depending on the model, they are mains or battery powered. Battery powered models require little maintenance and the lifetime is approximately seven years for 150 activations per day.

Sensor sensitivity and the shut-off delay time can be individually adjusted with an optional remote control or, for some models, via an application for Smartphone and tablet. The water temperature can be adjusted manually using a small lever located directly on the faucet.

Electronic Flush Plates for WCS and Urinals, now with Infrared Technology

Conventional GROHE shower mixers, controlled by sensors

GROHE does not only offer bathroom fittings with an infrared sensor. GROHE also offers touchless flush plates for toilets and urinals. This also prevents the transmission of germs and bacteria. Simply put your hand in front of the plate and the toilet will be flushed.

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